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Practice tracks for 2024

Our first TS outing is at Yatton on 17th March and is called "Birds, Beasts and the Natural World"

and in May we shall be singing for our 25th Anniversary concert.

March concert

Haydn - The heavens are telling:


Gibbons - The silver swan:


Stanford - The blue bird:


L&M - Blackbird:


Lauridsen - Sure on this shining night:


F&S - Hippopotamus Song:



May concert

Franck - Psalm 150:


Franck - Panis angelicus:


Franck - Tantum ergo:


Dvorak - Tu trinitatis unitas:


Janacek - Otcenas 1 (to bar 144):


Janacek - Otcenas 2 (bars 145-238):


Janacek - Otcenas 3 (from bar 239):

Saint-Saens - Requiem

1 Kyrie:


2 Dies irae:


3 Rex tremendae:


4 Oro supplex:


5 Hostia:


6 Sanctus:


7 Benedictus:


8 Agnus Dei:

You don’t need your own SoundCloud account to access the files; just click on the link and it should take you straight to a playlist with the track(s) you’re looking for. Any problems, please let Andrew know.


You can listen online, or download the track to your own device for later listening, whichever suits you better.

To play a track:

(a) Go to the playlist containing the track you wish to listen to;

(b) Click on the track.


To download a track:

(a) Go to the playlist containing the track you wish to download;

(b) Hover your cursor over the track you wish to download – the red padlock icon at the right gives way to a series of black-and-white icons;

(c) Move your cursor to the three dots icon (‘More’) and single-click;

(d) The icon changes to a dropdown menu; choose ‘Download file’.


If a track won’t let you download tell Andrew.

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