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Who is who in the choir?     

Avery Margaret_edited.jpg
Read Susannah_edited.jpg
Hatch-Morelli Kat_edited.jpg
Margaret Avery,    Susannah Read,   Kat Hatch-Morelli, Anya Sitaram
Leimdorfer Margaret.jpg
May Belinda_edited.jpg
Pain Valerie_edited.jpg
Pearson Sarah.jpg
Margaret Leimdorfer, Belinda May,      Valerie Pain,      Sarah Pearson,   
Stidard Jane.jpg
P Stockden Stacey.JPG
Judy Taylor.jpg
Zoe Maitland.jpg

Jane Stidard,   Stacey Stockden,    Judy Taylor,        Laura Weston,       Zoe Maitland      

P Yule.JPG
Williamson Chris.JPG
P Leech.JPG
Claire Turner.jpg
Sue Watson.jpg
Di Low.jpg
Georgina Yule,              Jenny Bott,         Suzie Leech,      Claire  Turner,      Sue Watson          Di Low
P Seabright.JPG
P Spiller Elizabeth.JPG
P Varley Sal.JPG
P Mills.JPG
Sarah Gunn.jpg
Ann Seabright,     Elizabeth Spiller,  Sal Varley,  Joanna Williams,    Sarah Gunn     Rebecca Wimshurst      
Ellery  Roger.JPG
Medd Simon.JPG
Phil Willis.JPG
Jo Alvis.jpg
    Roger Ellery,      Simon Medd,         Phil Willis,        Jo Alvis
P Morelli MassimoMax.JPG
Shapland B.JPG
Stickland R.JPG
P Varley Nick.JPG
West M.JPG
Steve Hutchinson.jpg
Massimo Morelli,  Bob Shapland,   Roy Stickland,     Nick Varley,      Martin West,     Steve Hutchinson

Contact information for choir members:

Explicit consent to share the personal Information detailed in this file, in the members' area (which is password protected)  of the Trinity singers website (, has been provided by the individual members of Trinity Singers.
For further information see Trinity Singers Privacy Policy paste into your browser.

If you wish to remove or update any details email

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